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All services are by appointment only.  For more informaton about Reiki, please see the About Us page of this web site.



A Reiki session feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that surrounds and fills the client and includes feelings of relaxation, peace and well-being that also promote healing.


Seated Reiki Sessions with Eden

Healing Attunement .........................$25.00
Seated Reiki Session (20 min)....$40.00

Aura Cleansing (times vary) ......$45 and up

60 minute session ............................ $60


We are so excited to have Julie as our Spiritual Intuitive Guide here at the shop.  You can learn more about Julie by visiting her website intuitivedivineseer.comIf you feel that she resonates with you and would like a session, please contact us to schedule an appointment, or use the contact form on her website.  Mention A Moment of Zen when scheduling though Julie's site and take $5 off your appointment. 


$5 discount valid for first time guests only.

Energy Cleanse


Energetic Cleansing/Smudge

Sage Smudge ................................... $5.00

Palo Santo Smudge.......................$5.00


Crystal Cleanse w/Reiki ...........$2.00

Crystal Cleanse with Smudge $3 - 3.50


Bring your stone(s) for cleansing and

get both services at a reduced rate.


Spiritual Guidance

Intuitive, Spiritual Guidance Sessions


Service Descriptions


Reiki Services


Healing Attunements allow for a large amount of energy to be transfered in a small amount of time. It can be used before any Reiki service or on its own.


Seated Reiki Sessions can focus on specific issues or problem areas or be used for general energy healing. For more information about Reiki please visit the About Us page.


Aura Cleansing helps remove blocks in your auric field. You will need to answer a series of questions and provide feedback during this service. Depending on willingness to heal and let go of issues will determing lenght of service and pricing.


Energetic Cleanse


If you are in a bad mood, recently had an argument or maybe spent time around a lot of negativity, chances are you could use an energy cleanse.  You can choose between Sage or Palo Santo and Eden will be happy to smudge your auric field with the sacred smoke of your choice (sage or palo santo).


Crystals need cleansing too from time to time.  There are many methods to choose from and at A Moment of Zen you can get your favorite stone cleansed with Reiki Energy or with a smudge (sage or palo santo)


Choose crystal and body services and get both at a reduced rate.






 Custom Crystal Grids

Grids made on site or in shop


Crystal Grids are abeautiful way to bring about positive changes in your life. They can be as simple or elaborate as your imagination and budget will allow.  A grid can be created for just about any purpose so long as it is for the highest good.


Custom grids can be made for you here to take home, or at your location depending on grid size and your budget. For more information please  contact us or come in and speak with Eden.


Reiki Training


Level 1 & 2

When: Check back to see when the next session will be held.

Cost: $300 (includes both levels,  materials & deposit)


A $50 Non-refundable deposit required to reserve your space.


For more info please use the contact us form on this website. 



Services are not meant to diagnose nor replace traditional medical care or therapy. If you are unsure of your health or mental state please seek help from a qualified medical professional.


Any intuitive information given is meant to act as a guide. You must exercise proper judgment and common sense when applying this information to your life.

© 2014 by A Moment of Zen. 

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