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A Moment of Zen has been in business since August of 2009 and is proudly family owned and operated.


Eden Kantrowitz - Owner, Reiki Master, Jewelry Crafter,  Advanced Crystal Master

When you visit the shop and have a conversation with Eden, it becomes evident that this is not your average run of the mill new age shop.  From her life experience and current perspective, she is able to offer a unique retail experience. When people come to the shop and ask for assistance, Eden does not offer magical trinkets and flowery words on how to assemble your ingredients and cast your spells.  Instead she reminds you that your most powerful magical tool is your  mind and your ability to focus it, the items she sells are tools to assist in that focus. 

Ever since she can remember, Eden always felt there was more to life than what was being explained or experienced.  That ever present feeling led her down various paths of exploration in  holistic and spiritual realms.  On her quest for satisfying her questions about life, Eden learned various healing modalities including massage therapy, Reiki (Usui and Karuna traditions) and crystal healing. She studied different faiths and philosophies, eventually finding Law of Attraction teachings from the Abraham-Hicks foundation. Eden is a huge fan of the Abraham-Hicks material as it has had such an impact on her life experience, which she continues to improve with utilization of  those teachings.

Eden has another passion and that is crystals.  The crystal collection at the shop continues to expand making the running “joke”; the store is slowing turning into a crystal shop that sells other things…and that is just fine. Eden started off like many of you, reading as much as she could about crystals, what they do, how to use them and so on.  There is a lot of information out there that made her ask, why? Why do crystals need cleansing, why charging, why put them in the moonlight or do various rituals with them.  This gnawing question of why led her to do some research, and, eventually completing  courses offered by Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy where she learned the science behind how and why crystals help us plus the answers to all of those whys.

Eden’s core belief is to find joy in any moment.  Joy is our birthright that seems to get sacrificed for things that really don’t matter in the end.  Through her quest for joy she continues to expand her knowledge of how the universe works and life continues to get sweeter.  Her advice for anyone looking to make lasting positive changes in their life experience is to make joy a priority.  How you feel is everything so you might as well feel as good as you can as often as possible.

What Eden does

Eden's unique perspective and understanding of universal forces allows her to assist you in creating the life you desire.   Through her continued expansion of this knowledge she is able to help you make lasting changes that result in peace, harmony and a more joyful life experience.  

Eden offers:
•    Private one on one guidance sessions.
•    Seated Reiki sessions
•    Crystal healing sessions
•    Facilitates workshops and classes

To schedule an appointment with Eden or to have her offer workshops at your own location, click the button below and fill out the contact form.

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